Read how Dianetics is making positive changes in people’s lives
With Dianetics, my responsibility level has raised. Before, my low responsibility and broken promises started adding up and impinging on my life and well-being. I started breaking down emotionally and eventually became a wreck. Every day I would be in grief before the day was over. When I thought I had hit bottom, a friend told me to go to the Dianetics Center. With Dianetics I confronted the things I had done and how these were affecting my life. I then addressed an incident holding all this in place since the age of 11. This was totally handled!
With Dianetics, I am cleared of this disease. Asthma was a problem that had been making me sick and unable to work for quite some time. I had no confidence in starting anything new in my life. In session, I returned to times where I had suffered asthma attacks. Through the session I went back to the earliest occurrence of the incident in my childhood and actually found out what had started this. It is now gone, and I am positive towards life and not afraid of having another asthma attack. —Sudatta T
Dianetics has helped me get rid of a lot of baggage. Now I have a better understanding of myself and my mind and will be able to live a healthier, more productive, happier life. Already I feel joy, peace and freedom because of Dianetics and it’s only just begun. —Frances O
The Dianetics book is amazing! Before, life was rough. I was in a haze and couldn’t tell good people from bad. I was the adverse affect of everyone. People, including family, friends and coworkers, treated me poorly and kept pointing out my bad qualities. I never knew how to handle them, so I didn’t. I lost self-confidence and constantly worried about my life and survival. Dianetics gave me self-confidence and truth. I now handle other people’s communication with ease. I can study and learn, my life is calm and I enjoy it! —Ye Y
What is Dianetics?
The painful experiences of our past clearly have an effect upon our present behavior. But to what degree, and why?

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