“A being is only as valuable as he can serve others.”
—L. Ron Hubbard

It is in this spirit expressed by the founder of the scientology religion that Churches of Scientology and its parishioners sponsor massive international humanitarian programs.

Through extensive hands-on participation and generous financial support, Scientologists freely give of their time and resources to uplift the culture as a whole, through programs and educational materials for public benefit.

To carry out the vision of these humanitarian programs, the Church of Scientology International has established a significant infrastructure that produces these educational materials by the millions and sees to implementation of the programs globally.

The results: individuals now choosing to live drug-free through the Truth About Drugs program; a generation increasingly aware of and versed in the human rights afforded to all people; dignity restored by ongoing reform of the psychiatric industry; those lacking a moral compass now guided by the precepts of The Way to Happiness; and populations benefiting from the indiscriminate help offered by Scientology Volunteer Ministers.